Introducing Love Corn

Introducing Love Corn

On our journey to find the best alternative snacks, we came across what is fast becoming a household favourite. Welcome to Love Corn. As they rightly suggest, they are “The Best alternative to Crisps”.  We couldn’t agree more, Love Corn is one of the products that needs to be watched carefully in the warehouse, in case a box or two goes missing due to the hungry marketing department. If you are looking for something to replace your casual snack on a packet of crisps then look no further.

When should you eat Love Corn

Love orn Sea Salt

The staff at The Ethical Trader can be found dipping their fingers into a packet of these on the way home in the car. The fully recyclable packets fit perfectly in the door of your car or in the cupholder next to your gearstick. Best of all there are loads of bits of corn in each packet. Plus, your fingers get slightly covered in your favourite flavours like the Habanero Chilli ones.

They also make an ideal movie snack as an alternative to Pop Corn or as a lunch time snack to go in the kids lunch box. Alternatively you can just grab a bag and munch on them throughout the day, knowing that for every bite Love Corn will be doing their bit to be a responsible business.  


Why We Love Corn

Like The Ethical Trader and part of the reason we hoose to stock them, they believe you can do good by being a good business. Their goal for the next three years is to Donate 1 million samples, build 50 school learning gardens and support their local communities.

These corn snacks tick a lot of boxes including being:

  • Gluten Free
  • Non Gmo
  • Plant Based
  • Sugar Free
  • Certified Vegan

How to buy Love Corn

You can either get a random choice of Love Corn Flavours by signing up to our  Discovery Subscription Box or by shopping online and choosing from individual packets or whole boxes of the stuff. The packets of Love Corn come in 2 sizes, 45g small bags or the larger 115g Bags. Boxes of Love Cron can be purchased from The Ethical Trader in 10s.

The flavours include:



A bit of Love Corn History

The company was founded in 2016 by Jamie McCloskey who had travelled the world looking for inspiration. Roasted Corn has always been very popular in the Mediterranean and South America but not so well known in the UK and the US, as a result Love Corn was born.

He came up with the idea of a roasted corn snack and begin work producing his first product which was ready in October 2016. When they attended a trade show with their first product they came to the attention of Planet Organic who loved the brand and the packaging. This resulted in a need to raise cash to be able to do bigger product runs. In stepped the Virgin Start up programme who leant them £500,000 to get going. Since then they have grown into the fastest growing snack brand in the UK and US. Available at major UK supermarkets and as a result of the Virgin investment also on Virgin Trains. Their goal is to make the Love Corn snacks available across the world to all relevant markets within the next 3 years.

Love Corn Overview 

If you are looking to explore new snacks and flavours then Love Corn should be on your list. They are planet friendly bieng plant based, good for the gut with no Gluten and no sugar and contain no GMO. You also know that they have good at the heart of their business and each purchase will result in their local community receiving Love Corn goodness. When we ran a Christmas Fair last year, the most common comment was "Iove the Chilli Flavour Love Corn". So don;t take our word for it take the word of passing people. 


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