Meet Jim

Jim is a family guy who’s wife thinks he eats too much meat. He loves his exercise and can be found cycling, sailing and Paddle Boarding the rivers and seas of Dorset. There's not much that makes Jim angry, but row upon row of single use plastic bottles in our shops, sweets full of additives that his children eat and destruction of wildlife are a few of them. He likens himself to a tanker, slow to start but once he has gathered pace he hopes his ideas like this one will take off.

Jim is a well travelled man, and has seen first hand the devastation of our natural habitats by deforestation in Indonesia, the trashing of our oceans. After years of doing nothing, he thinks it is about time to do his bit knowing that if he can change one mind our planet will look a little better. If you can change 2 then even better.

We Believe

Carbon Neutral

Zero Waste

Equal Love

Health is the best wealth

Good Governance

Single Use plastic


The Ethical Trader is an idea born out a lifetime of seeing but not doing. As a seasoned traveller in years gone by working for a global volunteering organisation, Jim witness first hand the devastation of our rainforest in Asia, Africa and South America.

The idea begin when supporting a solo paddle board across the channel to raise awareness of plastic in our oceans. Samples taken every few kilometers showed visible micro plastic in every jar. Visible to the naked eye. A result of our obsession with single use plastic bags, straws and more.


When you start a family your outlook changes slightly and as they grow you begin to realise that life is no longer about you. It becomes about the future for your children. What sort of world will they live in, is there anything I can do to improve it.

It becomes obvious the easiest way to do something is change the choices you make. Stop taking the path of least resistance and make better choices.

These choices don’t have to be boring or involve sitting outside parliament with a plackard. You can impact the climate and environment by voting with your feet. This is where the Ethical Trader comes in, we don’t want to preach, we want to offer you a selection of inspiration.

Our carefully selected brands are on here because they care. They care about the future, they care about how they source their ingredients, they care about ow the employ people in their supply chains. They are also making an impact on our environment by selecting the best packaging, reducing the use of Palm Oil but most of all without compromising on taste.

A Voyage of Discovery

We want to take you on a voyage of discovery to challenge the norms in your life. Why not treat yourself and your family to something a little bit different, knowing you are helping to change the future for your children.

No Compromise. We know your choice will be governed by taste and value with our ethical side an extra.